Meet The Owner

Greeting from the dynamic duo behind CraftyFink! We're Regina and Ava Fink, a passionate mother-daughter team on a mission to reignite the flame of creativity and family bonds.


In my 23 years as a dedicated CNA, I put aside my artistic pursuits. However, witnessing Ava immersed in crafts stirred a long-forgotten passion. Crafting not only brought back my creativity but also allowed me to build an unbreakable bond with Ava. Crafting became our shared language, a means to capture family memories and creat timeless gift ideas.


Growing up with a crafting mom has been a blessing. Crafting isn't just a hobby; it's a way to connect with my mom on a profound level. Together, we founded CraftyFink to bring families closer through the joy of creating together.

Crafting Memories, One Creation at a Time:

CraftyFink isn't just a busniess; it's our way of bringing back the mother-daughter bond lost in the hustle of the 9-5 grind. We believe that amidst the chaos, crafting provides a sanctuary for connection and creativity. Every craft we creat is infused with our shared laughter, love, and desire to help families build lasting memories.

Join us on this crafting journey, and let's capture your creativity for family memories and unique gift ideas.

Creatively Yours,

Regina & Ava Fink

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